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                Winground Plastics & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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                Zhongshan Yongguan (XinFeng Winground Plastics & Electronics Technonogy Co., Ltd) was founded in 1987, after continuous exploration, innovation and development, we had been a professional plastic lead-acid battery production enterprises which is large in scale, product variety and more influential in this industry.

                    Company existing staff 500 people. There are 60 engineering, technical and managerial personnel, and 30 of them have high or intermediate titles. Modern enterprise management mechanism, R & D center and well-trained workforce bring our company with vitality. 

                    Company covers an area of 90,000 square meters, including building area of 60,000 square meters, has a large injection workshop and mold workshop, have more than 130 advanced injection machines, the largest injection volume will more than 20,000 grams. The mold workshop has a variety of mold machining, electric processing equipment, and we have a strong capacity in mold making. Companys research & development, production, circulation as a whole, product marketing across the country and exported to overseas markets.

                    The company has perfect quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system authentication, in strict accordance with standards and technology organizations to implement the entire process of production and quality control. The company mainly produces plastic products for lead-acid battery containers; there are starting with ordinary type (QA), starting with maintenance-free type (QW), valve-regulated type (FM), a fixed-type valve-regulated (GFM), and OPZV / OPZS type, and new series of Lithium battery containers(15AH up to 250AH).  More than 300 different types, all are design and produce by ourselves, and have a number of national patents, the Company's products are supervising by the Shenyang Institute of batteries.

                Founded in 1987

                Factory area 50000 square meters

                Staff 900
                mid-level title or senior title more than 50 

                ISO 9001:2015


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